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Recruitment is finally over, and your house snagged a record 85 new members this semester. Standing on the steps of your sorority house, you beam with pride as your members welcome the friendly new faces to the sisterhood. Those eager-eyed freshmen don’t know what they’re in for yet, you think, but they’re going to forge some of the strongest friendships of their lives.

As you walk inside to the kitchen, your thoughts turn to the upcoming new member banquet. You can’t wait to welcome the new sisters with perfectly seared steaks, deliciously seasoned veggies, and top-notch burgers.

But there’s a big catch. You didn’t bank on getting this many new members, and college students eat like voracious wolves. You placed an order for some additional steaks for this weekend’s banquet, but your food distributor needs eight to 10 business days to deliver them.

You worry that your current contract doesn’t allow for this much extra food, even if things do arrive in time for the banquet. What do you do? Increase member fees to offset the additional costs? Find another distributor to cover your extra food needs?

Whether you’re happy with your current distributor or need to find a new one to accommodate your growing chapter, there’s good news: With just a few simple steps, you can serve up high-quality meals while reducing your chapter’s food costs by up to 25 percent.