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Culinary Consultants Purchasing Alliance leverages combined food purchasing to secure lower prices on food ordering needs for our members. In addition to connecting members to this GPO pricing, CCPA brings balance to the negotiating equation because we already have relationships and contracts in place with vendors and suppliers.

Saving money is crucial but the real value – and where you’ll truly benefit from working with CCPA – lies beyond the initial cost savings. As the only organization in the nation providing the services we do, our goal is to help make managing food purchases simpler and more cost-effective and streamline your processes so you can remain focused on your customers. CCPA also provides assistance on everything from supply chain management, cost comparison analysis, education, and more.

Benefits of a Food Service GPO

This article will cover 6 key benefits of a food service GPO and working with an organization like Culinary Consultants, and how CCPA strives to provide unmatched service and support for our members.

Cost Savings

Saving money is oftentimes one of the top priorities for our members. While obviously not the only benefit of working with CCPA, the cost savings that businesses will find when they join is a definite and immediate perk. You’ll see savings on your invoices right away.

With CCPA, you not only benefit from contracts that provide you cost savings, but you are free to utilize only the contracts that benefit your company and have no minimum spend requirements.

Supply Chain Management

A lot of resources can be eaten up by trying to manage the purchasing and negotiation processes with suppliers. CCPA can provide valuable cost-avoidance solutions to organizations by helping them standardize and streamline their purchasing through supply chain management, freeing you up to focus your energy on your core competencies within your business.

And in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic where supply shortages and skyrocketing prices are the new normal, having CCP as your partner to help navigate these situations and maintain business continuity is key.

Cost Analysis

Understanding your company’s current purchasing and procurement status can be challenging and time-consuming. CCPA can help sort through the data and analyze your savings quickly and efficiently.

Our cost analysis serves as a way to benchmark your current pricing and assess the value of your contract with a supplier. Our team will send your spend information directly to our supplier base to compare costs and identify potential savings opportunities.

Speed to Savings

Because of the relationships CCPA already has established, our partnership can facilitate a faster way to savings. Members are treated as national accounts in the eyes of the supplier, which means you can bypass the process of vetting and negotiating contracts, and start saving right away.

Customer Service

CCPA members have access to a proprietary app called Reference Room that allows us to resolve service issues within 24-48 hours. From questions that need answers to issues with your supply chain, our easy-to-use support app saves time and delivers the solutions you need. It’s the easiest way for chefs and supervisors to solve day-to-day problems that arise in the kitchen.

Free Membership

CCPA membership is always free. Our pricing structure is set up to collect an administrative fee from our suppliers and use those fees to finance our services, allowing us to make and keep membership free for our members. In addition to never charging a membership fee, CCPA does not require members to purchase from certain suppliers or commit to a specified purchase volume.

Members are also free to pick and choose which suppliers will best suit your needs. As a result, you are in control and our team is here to provide support every step of the way.

To learn more, contact Culinary Consultants Purchasing Alliance or join for free today.