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Guide to the Reference Room App

Members who join Culinary Consultants Purchasing Alliance are given immediate access to a team of dedicated professionals to help elevate their food programs. Beyond exemplary customer service, CCPA is also thrilled to offer members access to an app that helps chefs and supervisors manage their kitchens in the most efficient way possible. 

Reference Room

Reference Room is the quickest way to solve any every-day issues that may arise in the kitchen. If you have a question that needs answered or have a problem with your supply chain, our simple support app saves you time and delivers the solutions you need. The app features an instant live chat option, quick turnaround times, ticket updates and alerts, and powerful reporting capabilities.

How does it work?

Users can easily file a ticket and the CCPA team will work with your vendor to solve the problem within 24-48 hours. There’s no need to check for an email reply or wait for a call, the Reference Room app will instantly notify you when your ticket has been resolved. This seamless process allows it so you can focus on what’s most important – your customers.

Who can use the app?

Every now and then, chefs and supervisors need assistance when it comes to managing supply chain issues. Stopping to send an email or make a phone call to the appropriate party when issues arise can be a burden and slow down processes.

Chefs can easily file tickets within the app and the CCPA team will get to work right away. When the ticket has been closed, you’ll receive an alert according to your communication preferences with the resolution. Supervisors and super-users who manage several locations can also file tickets, check statuses, and view reporting.




Advantages of the Reference Room Tool

CCPA’s goal is to make our individual members and unit chefs feel like National Customers. Vendors don’t always understand what’s going on a local level so it’s CCPA’s mission to implement this tool so chefs have a voice when issues arise. 

Benefits of using the Reference Room include: 

  • All issues and submitted tickets get a response from CCPA within an hour and an updated resolution within 24 hours.
  • All a user has to do is go to the room and create an account.
  • All users can customize their own notification preferences to indicate how they will receive responses to their submitted tickets (via text, email or phone call).
  • Tickets should be submitted no matter how small or large the issue is. This way, it’s documented and CCPA knows about it, Managers know about it, you know about it, and most importantly, the issue gets resolved faster than ever before.
  • Managers/Supervisors can enter the room at their own leisure to view any of their respective accounts and can customize their notification preferences as well. All respective accounts have already been set up for them on the back end.
  • You can use this tool as a reference guide to help acclimate a new Account Manager or Chef within your organization. It can help bring them up to speed on what’s been going on in that area.
  • Because of the response time, frustration doesn’t build within a Chef or Supervisor to the point at which their focus gets deflected away from what’s most important – their client!
  • The RR “News Feed” provides a one-stop shop way for your entire company to receive pertinent updates or general information that is useful to the Chef and company as a whole. Customized notifications apply here as well.

To learn more, contact Culinary Consultants Purchasing Alliance or join for free today.