Reference Room

real-time support App

What is Reference Room?

It’s the fastest, most efficient way to solve problems.

Reference Room is the easiest way for chefs and supervisors to solve
day-to-day problems that arise in the kitchen. From questions that need answers to issues with your supply chain, our easy-to-use support app saves time and delivers the solutions you need.

Users can quickly file a ticket and our capable team will work with your vendor to find the solution within 24-48 hours. No need to keep checking for an email reply or wait for a callback. Our app will instantly notify you when the issue has been resolved, so you can keep your focus on what’s important, your customers.


Chefs can quickly file tickets via the app. We’ll get to work on the resolution right away. When the issue has been resolved, you’ll receive an alert according to your communication preferences.


Supervisors and super users who manage multiple locations can also file tickets, check statuses, and view reports for a holistic view of issues that may be recurring or slowing down operations.

Instant Live Chat
24-48 hours to resolution
ticket update alerts
Powerful reports

Having Trouble Staying on Top of Supply Chain Issues?

You’re Not Alone. Reference Room is Here to Help!

Chefs and supervisors are always busy. When issues arise, stopping to send an email or make a phone call to resolve problems can be a burden. Often, you’ll have to  leave a message and wait for a callback or keep checking your email for a reply. 

With the app, you can file a ticket quickly. Our team will get right to work tackling your issue on your behalf. Our excellent relationships with food vendors yields expedient responses and prompt issue resolution. You’ll get an instant alert when your ticket has been resolved so you don’t have to keep checking. We do the hard work for you so you can focus on what’s important – your customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How the App Works

What kinds of issues can I resolve in the app?

You can open a ticked for any issue related to your supply chain or food distributor/s. Issues such as dented products, delivery issues, or questions are all common.

Some of the additional issue types our users file tickets for are:

    • Billing issues
    • Credit submissions
    • Delivery issues, truck times, delivery days
    • Product help
    • Machine assistance, technical help  (Juice, Coffee, Dish)
    • Any other request for special product, equipment, communication, issues with drivers etc.
    • Dotcom/E Sysco login troubleshooting
What kinds of reports can I view?

Chefs can view reports of all tickets they’ve filed and view the ticket status (open, in progress, or closed). The app stores a copy of all communication for your records.

Supervisors and super users can run reports for any/all of their locations. They can pull reports by issue type, company, account, campus, and user (select single, multiple, or all).

You can name your report and click create. Then visit the reports center to view it or export it as an Excel file. 

Reports help determine issue trends and provide visibility into what chefs are dealing with on a day to day basis. When users spot recurring issues, we can look into them for you. If there is ever a “he said, she said” situation between a food distributor and chef, we can look back into the comments and provide records of entire conversations for documentation purposes.


How long does it take for issue resolution?

You will receive a response to your ticket within one hour. Most issues are resolved within 24-48 hours. 

What information is in the newsfeed?

The newsfeed is a convenient way to distribute important information such as urgent notices and weekly updates like special deals or group buys, recalls, and holiday reminders.

One of the benefits of the news feed is that it delivers information to all chefs and supervisors at once, so as a company you don’t have to distribute this on behalf of your vendors.